Fynamics offers an integrated approach to succeed in solving the most complex business challenges. Our services cover Business Strategy, Product Management, Business Transformation and execution of the strategic agenda through (Agile)  Program & Project Management services.

Business Strategy

Market dynamics, coming from various sources such as regulation, existing competitors entering in new type of business models, new market entrants re-inventing your business model, shareholders demanding consistent or higher ROI, making sure you have the right skills in the company, it is never clear cut where to put strategic priorities to prepare and pilot your business for the next generation of banking, capital markets or insurance.

Fynamics focuses relentlessly on strategic value innovation for our clients, allowing to jointly put together a winning strategic agenda and pinpoint the necessary initiatives to realize that agenda. We do that by tapping into a wealth of global and local market knowledge through our unmatched industry executives, facilitating the strategic decision-making process for your company.


With our Business Strategy service, we typically help C-level executives to fundamentally re-shape the business.


Business Transformation

We consider Business Transformation as a means to re-organize our clients their business, internally. Typical challenges that Fynamics solves, are we using the right operating model and the (re-)definition of the operational model, improvement of operational effectiveness (cost reduction). Internal organizational change management is a key part of the Business Transformation service.

Together with you, we define “how” to get organized internally to achieve strategy & business objectives. Business Transformation is focused on revolutionizing & modernizing our client’s internal organization. Business Transformation bridges the gap between strategy and execution.

Product Management

Need to change your product or client service offering so that it resonates with the strategy? How are upcoming domestic & international regulatory changes impacting your business services? Struggling to see which one of the many hypes & trends will have a lasting impact?

Fynamics’ Product Management services streamline your client service offerings and products with long term objectives, identify new opportunities for revenue growth and achieve cost efficiency. Our top of the line Product Management service helps shaping your business and is focused on rethinking & optimizing your client services and products. Our Product Management bridges the gap between strategy and execution.


(Agile) Program
& Project Management

Fast value creation and generating early ROI is key in large strategic programs and projects. Failing to deliver, investments in a seemingly bottomless pits have disastrous effects both for the internal organization, but even more importantly on competitive advantage.

Fynamics offers an unparalleled approach to (Agile) Program & Project Management for the realization of your strategic agenda, both on business and technology projects, leveraging our talented pool of (Agile) Program & Project executives.

Working with Fynamics

All our practitioners have an exceptional track record and are passionate about Financial Services. People who have the right vision and leadership qualities, with the ability to change businesses and industries.

We operate in one industry, Financial Services. This allows Fynamics to have a clear focus and to create unmatched industry expertise.

We invest significantly in the professional & personal development of our practitioners to be continuously at the very top of the game.

All our Product Management and Program & Project Management practitioners are certified by reputable industry governance bodies.

We have the ability to leverage on experience from previous assignments at leading Banks, Capital Market firms and Insurers.

We are an unbiased partner, allowing to steer objectively towards recommendations on strategic and tactical decisions


How can we help you?

For additional information about Fynamics’ management consulting services or industry impact, please contact us via the Contact page. We look forward to helping you.

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