More than ever, market dynamics in Financial Services are creating unclarity about the future. Creating more value for the industry, its clients, and the acceleration towards the next generation of Financial Services. We are convinced we can make a mark for the better. Fynamics.

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Since the financial crisis in 2008, many governments realized that the Financial Services sector required additional regulation to reduce the systemic risk, to create transparency, level the playing field and improve the sector’s efficiency.

Governments led the way in issuing new regulation, creating a tremendous momentum and initiating change across the sector.
More than 10 years after the financial crisis, much of the new regulation is coming into effect, many of which have profound impact on business and operating models. With the change that is coming, one thing is for sure, the industry will look completely different in several years from now.

Anticipating and shaping these market dynamics, and executing the strategy with perfection will separate leaders from the pack. The demand is incredibly high for skilled people, who understand local markets, who have a solid vision about the future and have the ability to execute the vision. Fynamics was created to do exactly that, to capitalize on market dynamics for our clients and guide our clients into the next generation of Financial Services. We want to do that by working with the best people in the industry, and to be leading the visioning and transformation towards the next generation of the Financial Services industry.


To help clients solving their most complex business challenges and shape market dynamics for clients into clear, digestible initiatives that are executable.


Accelerate the transition of Financial Services into next generation of the industry, by leading the visioning and transformation of it, resulting in higher value creation for all stakeholders.


INSPIRE OTHERS – Shed light on areas where there is no light. Can-do attitude, it gives good hope and positive energy to work with people that see solutions. Have the courage to initiate change at all levels and be a leader in everything you do.

HAVE HUMAN DIGNITY - Respect for the individual is fundamental and means having respect for humans, regardless their culture, believe, rank, etc.

BELIEVE IN COLLABORATION – We believe strong team collaboration leads to something that is bigger than the sum of its parts. 1+1+COLLABORATION = 3

ACT WITH INTEGRITY - Trust and credibility are fundamental to our business. We value people that can walk the talk, in small and big discussions.

BE CLIENT RELEVANT - Being relevant to our clients is vital and this means continuously stay at the forefront of the industry. We believe growth and comfort do not co-exist.


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